Wow, you solved Witchery Spell, what an achievement!

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Restore Instructions:

Step 1 – The black envelope:

  • Attach the portrait photos of the five witches to the corresponding dark blue files of the Consortium with the paper clips. Make sure that the correct photo is on every file.
  • Place the plastic Decrypt Card between the files and carefully slide the entire stack, with the side where the photos are first, into the black envelope.
  • Seal the envelope with the string attached to it.
  • Place the filled black envelope at the bottom of the box.

Step 2 – Family tree, straw and rolls of paper:

  • Place the Almitar Family Tree on top of the black envelope.
  • Place the straw on top of the family tree.
  • Roll up the new WitchWizard Sorcery Surface (not too tight) and put the red rubber band around it. Place the scroll in the straw at the top of the box.
  • Roll the four magic book pages and wrap the brown rope around them. Place this little scroll in the straw on the right under the WitchWizard Sorcery Surface.

Step 3 – WitchWizard starter kit:

  • Make a stack of the five tarot cards and make sure that the card of death is in the middle. Put the stack in the white linen bag.
  • Place the mirror in the bag with the mirror side against the fabric to prevent scratches.
  • Place the small bottle of Ivory Scatter from the WS Refill Kit on the other side of the Tarot cards in the pouch.
  • Place the tea light from the WS Refill Kit in the bag on the same side as the Ivory Scatter bottle.
  • Pour the purple liquid from the test tube in the WS Refill Kit into the glass bottle from the game and fill it up with water until the whole bottle is filled. Put the cap on the bottle, dry it and put it in the linen bag.
  • Put the Moon Spoon in the bag.
  • Put the purple WitchWizard card in the bag and close it by pulling the strings of the bag.
  • Place the bag at the bottom left of the box in the straw.

Step 4 – Salt and Gems:

  • Place the five gems in the velvet pouch and seal it by pulling the cords on the pouch.
  • Place the bag in the straw at the bottom right of the box.
  • Fill the empty Sorcerer’s Salt jar about halfway with the bag of salt from the WS Refill Kit. Place the green amulet in the salt and pour the rest of the salt over it so that the jar is filled to the brim.
  • Turn the lid on the jar and wrap the jar in the torn newspaper article from the WS Refill Kit.
  • Place the jar in the straw at the bottom of the box between the white linen bag and the red velvet bag.

Step 5 – Brown envelope:

  • Fold the two colored diary pages back together and put the 4 Polaroid photos between them.
  • Put the diary pages with the Polaroid photos together with the black feather in the brown envelope from the WS Refill Kit.
  • Lick the envelope (or use a slightly damp sponge because of Corona) and place it horizontally on top of all other parts in the box.

Step 6 – Completion:

  • Place the typed letter of the witches vertically on top of everything.
  • Place the black and white Facebook card on top of the letter and close the box.
  • Remove the torn transparent folder from the box and stick the new folder including the new Voicemessage flyer from the WS Refill Kit on top of the box.

That’s it, you’re done! Now give the box to someone you want to go on an adventure. Unfortunately, there is nothing left for you but waiting for a new DarkPark Games adventure. We are already busy behind the scenes, so with a bit of luck you don’t have to wait too long!

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