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Restore Instructions:

PLEASE NOTE, in the updated version of Conspiracy-19, the QR code document has been replaced by a renewed yellow letter and Susan Palmer’s business card.

Step 1 – The box:

  • Hide the key chain with the key in the left side of the box and fold it back.

Step 2 – The hospital/laboratory file:

  • Stack from bottom to top: ‘Wong’s printed email to Susan’, ‘Matt’s letter to Susan’ and on top ‘Susan’s lab report’.
  • Remove the three capsule pills from the bag of the C19-Refill Kit and set them aside. Close the bag with the new test tubes and place it between the three papers.
  • Fold the papers and secure them together with the paper clip.
  • Put the nail and ribbon back into the small transparent bag and seal it.
  • Take the cardboard folder from Medisch Centrum Oost and attach the ‘picture of the hand’, ‘the hospital report about Anton’, ‘Susan Palmer’s business card’ and ‘the bag with the nail and the ribbon’ to the folder with the large paper clip.
  • Place the folded stack of papers with the new test tubes between the green folder and fold it shut. Put the rubber band around the whole and put the folder at the bottom of the box.

Step 3 – Miss Fortune’s file:

  • Make a stack of the following documents from bottom to top: ‘the new folded map from the C19-Refill Kit’, ‘Miss Fortune’s torn diary page’, ‘the torn newspaper article’, ‘the two prediction cards (one face up, one face down)’ and ‘the green amulet’.
  • Place the stack in the transparent plastic U-bag, fold the edges and tie it with the two rubber bands.

Step 4 – The Dim Sum Bingo file:

  • Make a stack of the following documents from bottom to top: ‘The torn encyclopedia page about the puffer fish’, ‘the packing slip with delivered products’ and ‘the new Dim Sum Bingo menu from the C19-Refill Kit’.
  • Fold ‘the printed complaint email’ in half and put the ‘new scratch card from the C19-Refill Kit’ in between.
  • Put it all together with ‘the red marker’ in the brown envelope and put the envelope on top of the hospital file in the box.

Step 5 – The billionaire’s file:

  • Put the three new capsule pills from the C19-Refill Kit in the jar.
  • Put the four credit cards back on the lock and close it.
  • Place ‘the picture of Matt Anderson in front of the the painting’, ‘the doctor’s prescription’, ‘the with pills’ and ‘the credit cards on the lock’ in the large transparent bag. Close the bag and place it on top of the brown envelope in the box.

Step 6 – Completion:

  • Place “the new yellow paper with Anton’s notes from the C19-Refill Kit” on top of all the files in the box.
  • On top of that, put ‘the card with the QR code that refers to the hint system’.
  • Close the box.

That’s it, you’re done! Now give the box to someone you want to go on an adventure. Unfortunately, there is nothing left for you but waiting for a new DarkPark Games adventure. We are constantly developing new games, so with a bit of luck you don’t have to wait too long!

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