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Initially, we created Conspiracy-19 to save our company during the Corona crisis. Now that so many people have asked us to continue making these kinds of games, we have decided not only to continue creating home-escape room games after the crisis, but also to give Conspiracy-19 a major upgrade so that it is a worthy first member of the DarkPark Games family.

NOTE: If you did NOT play Conspiracy-19 before June 28, we advise you not to continue reading and just enjoy the new version of the game. This page is intended for anyone who played Conspiracy-19 before the game was modified.

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Do not worry, nothing has changed in the contents of the box. So the game you have at home is still completely up to date. Nevertheless, we managed to expand the online part of the game considerably and make it visually more attractive.

In physical escape rooms and online escape room games it is often said that you can only play the game once because you then know all the answers. Yet we regularly play an escape room game that we enjoyed a second time after a while. You may remember some of the answers, but a lot has often subsided a bit.

You could also choose not to continue reading and play Conspiracy-19 again in a while with all the new parts 🙂

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For starters, we designed a completely new hint system. Although it was heartwarming to discover how involved our fans are and how fanatically everyone started helping each other from the start with subtle hints in the private Facebook group, we have noticed that the old system was not always accessible and clear to everyone. That is why we chose to create a separate page where all possible hints are easy to find. If you as loyal fans have any additions, please let us know in a comment below this message.

You can find the new hint system here.

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A small addition to the beginning of the game will hopefully make it easier for people to get into the game. We have added a Google Translate button to the webpage where you can hear the first message from Dr. Schmitz when you scan the QR code on the box. That way it is just a little bit more clear what to do with the URL of the website and thus it becomes easier to find the hidden keychain at the beginning of the game.

The appearance of www.cloudsafe.work has completely changed and is now also mobile friendly. That alone is worth a look, but there is also an extra icon added. We will come back to that later.

I don't remember the login code (and I don't want to look it up in the game right now).

You can log in to www.cloudsafe.work with this code: 1321

Remember when you won a free dish at the Chinese restaurant Dim Sum Bingo by scratching open the scratch card? Previously, the letter associated with that dish was the answer you needed for the end code on the QR code document. In the new version it is not so easy anymore. Just go to the new website of the restaurant and try to claim your free dish.

At the very end of the game, you send an email to Michael Wong with the name of the correct virus. In his yellow letter, Dr. Schmitz already assumes that he suspects Michael Wong to be a hacker, but except in the final there was no other reference to that in the game. Now there is. Just send him another email and you’ll see.

In the previous version of the game, you found a number in each file. These four numbers together formed the correct QR code. In the new version of the game, the QR code document is dropped (it turned out to be too easy to hack causing people to skip some puzzles) and the four digits you find together make up the last four digits of the account number requested on www.cloudsafe.work if you are logged in to the payment section.

I don't remember those four numbers (and don't feel like replaying the game just now to find out)

The four digits are: 7352

These are now the last four digits of the account number that you must enter on www.cloudsafe.work after you have logged in to the payment section.

But I thought you said nothing has changed in the contents of the box? We hear you think.

Indeed, the boxes that we are going to send from now on will no longer contain a QR code document and the essential piece of text of that document will be added to the back of the yellow letter from Dr. Schmitz. Especially for people who still have a box with the QR code document, we have made a separate page where they end up after they have scanned the correct QR code. That way they end up at the renewed end of the game.

In addition to the four numbers that you find in the four files of the game, you will also find a password consisting of four letters. Previously, this password was LIFE, but it turned out to be too easy to guess, so some people skipped puzzles. So we have now created a new password consisting of four random letters.

We could not change the L and F because they are on documents that are in the box, but we could adjust the other two letters.

If you have gone through all the above steps and solved the puzzles, you now know what these two new letters are and you can log in to the last website: www.stpfu.org

I don't feel like puzzling today, just tell me the answer.

The password to log in to www.stpfu.org is: LZFH

That’s it, you’ve solved Conspiracy-19 for the second time!

We hope that with all these additions we have been able to make the game even more fun and difficult enough for the more experienced puzzlers to have a great evening with it.

As far as we are concerned, we are far from finished making escape room games for home, so we thought it was important that our very first game immediately meets the high quality requirements that our fans expect from us. That was the case for most people, but now we hope to be able to convince those last few people.

If you as a loyal fan still come across something that is not entirely clear, or have an idea to improve, we would love to hear from you in a comment below this message.

We would like to thank everyone who played our game once again. We are going to surprise you in the future with many more exciting new games for the home!

If you enjoyed our game, you would help us tremendously by writing a review on our website!

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