Got stuck at Conspiracy-19?

Of course, it may happen that you get stuck at some point while playing Conspiracy-19. Don’t worry, that can happen to the best.

On this page you will find the answers to all your questions. However, we advise not to look for the answer too quickly, because then you may go too quickly through the game and that would be a pity. After all, it is a puzzle game and getting stuck every now and then is part of that. So these hints are really for those times when you really can’t get out.

Is your question not listed? Send an email to and we will help you as soon as possible.

Start of the game

Scan the QR code on the outside of the box with your smartphone.

You can find the URL in the address bar of your browser, at the very top (

The extension (.ru) shows that it is a Russian URL. How good is your Russian?

Maybe Google Translate can help.

Start by looking for the clue that you found in the URL of the website. The box is also part of the game.

After that it is best to continue in the order in which the files are in the box, but if you get stuck with a file you can also proceed with the next file.

The file of Billionaire Matt Anderson

Maybe there is a website you can visit?

On the back of the bank cards is the same painting as in the photo. But there are differences. What are the differences?

Did you solve the URL clue by Dr. Schmitz yet? Then you should have found a key with something on it. Have you not found the key yet? Then it is best to carefully examine the box.

The password for is: 1321

On the yellow letter from Dr. Schmitz there is a sentence underlined.

Matt Anderson’s debit cards show which accounts belong to his company M.A. Investments and which accounts are private.

A hint is written on the back of the doctor’s prescription.

Have you found something to create light? Then you can try what happens when you look at the pill jar at the front while shining through the jar from behind with the light.

The file of Chinese restaurant Dim Sum Bingo

Look at the menu as a bingo card and use the red marker.

Carefully read all documents in the brown envelope. Some dishes are dangerous or no longer available. When you are done with bingo you should take a look at the menu from a distance.

Claim your ‘free dish’ and complete the order on the Dim Sum Bingo website.

The dish you won has already been crossed out on the menu, so you have to do something else with it.

At the top of the restaurant’s website is a button where you can claim your free dish.

Then complete your order and you will find what you are looking for.

When ordering, you will see an ‘i’ in the top left corner. Click it and you will see a text that can help you solve the problem.

Don’t forget to read the fine print at the bottom of the price list.

To claim your free dish you must place an order of exactly $ 25.

If you combine the Fried Banana with Orange Chicken you will receive a $ 2.50 discount. Then you will no longer end up with a total of $ 25, so you will first have to add that $ 2.50 to the $ 25 so that you get back to the desired amount after the discount.

So now you are looking for dishes that come together to a total of $ 27.50, but first you subtract the shipping costs of $ 3.60. So you come to $ 23.90.

You already know that you need to order Orange Chicken to claim the discount, so that $ 8.25 will go down as well. You then come to $ 15.65.

Now find two more dishes that are $ 15.65 together.

In addition to the fried banana that has already been added to your order, you can also order: Steamed Bass, Orange Chicken and Peking Duck.

The file of fortune teller Miss Fortune

Use the red marker to connect all the places Miss Fortune has predicted on the map in the correct order.

If you did it right, there is now a recognizable shape on the map. Now place the corresponding object on the map and you will find the letter.

Miss Fortune’s diary page says she tried to read Anton’s hand, but it was difficult because of all the blood.

You may find more information about that hand in another file.

Do you recognize the shape of the tattoo on the wrist? Then place the object over the hole of the nail and follow the arrows.

The file in the green folder

Combine the ribbon with the nail.

Just try something and try to ‘wrap your mind around it‘.

Run the experiment and email the correct answer to Michael Wong.

Take a good look at the dishes on the website and the Dim Sum Bingo logo.

How much is 21 divided by 3? That’s the number associated with a lemon.

What is the highest number by which you can multiply the number associated with lemon before going over 40? Is that perhaps the number that goes with kiwi?

Log in to the computer code at by entering ‘backwards’ backwards. So: ‘sdrawkcab’.

The QR code document and the finale

If you have found all the numbers and enter them in the correct order on the QR code document, you will find this code: 7352

If you have found all the letters and enter them in the correct order on the QR code document, you will find this password: LZFH