Unique Limited Edition

Can be ordered exclusively until December 23, 2020

Dear Santa is the ideal Christmas gift for anyone who loves puzzles and adventure. This Collectors Edition can only be ordered for three months and then disappears in our archives for good.

While playing Dear Santa, you will be taken into a beautiful, but dramatic Christmas story. It is a complete escape room adventure in a letterbox package that you receive by mail. That way you can play the latest DarkPark experience from the safe environment of your own home.

It’s going to be a very merry Christmas after all.

Dear Santa will be shipped from December 1, 2020

If you order our other games too, they will not be shipped until December 1. If you want to receive the other games earlier, order them separately.

The perfect alternative for your company outing!

Obviously, as an employer, you want to protect your staff against the Corona virus, so a company outing this Christmas is most likely not possible. Dear Santa is the ideal alternative!

Not only is Dear Santa a very special Christmas gift for your employees, you also give them the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, safely at their own home.

To top it all off, we offer the option to personalize the game when purchasing from 25 pieces. That way, your customers or employees will know that the package is coming from you and your company will become part of their Christmas party.


The story

An 8 year old boy named Julian sends a letter to Santa. He doesn’t need presents this year, all he wants is his mommy back. This seemingly innocent letter is the start of a dramatic adventure in which you as a player discover in a puzzling way which secrets his mother has been trying to keep hidden from little Julian for years.

Will you be able to reunite Julian with his mom? Or might it not be such a very nice Christmas after all?

Bestel Dear Santa vóór 23 december!


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If you order Dear Santa now, we will ship your package on December 1. With a bit of luck you will have the game at home that same week. Keep in mind that it can take a little longer due to the Christmas rush at PostNL.

If you order the package after December 1, we will ship it the next working day. Dear Santa is being produced in a limited edition and can be ordered until December 23, 2020.

NOTE: If you order Dear Santa in combination with one of our other games, we will not ship the full package until December 1. If you want to receive the other games earlier, we advise you to order them separately.

We love to introduce as many people as possible to our Home Adventures this Christmas. That’s why we decided to create a game with just as much adventure as in our other games, but with slightly less expensive objects in it. Moreover, Dear Santa comes in a letterbox package, which also reduces the shipping costs. After all, life is expensive enough for many people in these crazy times.

The content of the box consists mainly of paper materials, but you absolutely do not have to worry that you will receive a simple stack of A4 sheets. As you are used to from us, we of course ensure that everything in the package meets the now world-famous Darkpark quality!

We understand that not everyone dares to get together with friends during these times. That’s why we designed Dear Santa so that you can play it alone, as well as with two, three or a group of four.

Almost everything you need is in the package. Just make sure you have a laptop or fixed computer with internet at your disposal. We have tried to make the experience as cool as possible for you, so we use different channels to tell the most complete story possible without having to leave your home!

Just like a regular escape room, you can play Dear Santa once because you know all the puzzles afterwards.

Although we did everything we could to make Dear Santa look like a real escape room as much as possible, we were unable to put a game host in the box that can give you hints during the game. That is why you will find a card with a link to our online hint system in the package that you receive at home. There you can look up subtle hints that help you further without revealing too much.

We cannot reveal too much, of course, but we can imagine that you would like to know what you can expect when you order Dear Santa.

Let’s just say that you are definitely not going to be disappointed! We really gave everything to create the best possible experience for you and we are really MEGA excited about it!

You will receive dozens of beautifully designed documents and puzzle parts, all in a Christmas atmosphere of course.

It has become a complex story full of unique puzzles. This game cannot be compared to the mass produced escape room games that you can buy in the toy store. Each game is assembled by hand. In fact, we are so proud that we dare to say with certainty that Dear Santa is the best alternative to a physical escape room.

Just like with a regular escape room, this varies enormously per group. Of course this also depends on how you deal with it and with how many players you play. If you are a fanatic puzzler who likes to set a fast time, you will be finished sooner than someone who enjoys the game at ease and makes it a pleasant evening.

All texts in Dear Santa are in English, so it is difficult for children who cannot read English yet to play the game. In addition, there are certain elements involved that may be a bit intense for young children. We therefore recommend that you keep a minimum age of 12 years to play Dear Santa.