The worldwide hit CONSPIRACY-19 is available again!

CONSPIRACY-19 is an immersive game that you receive by mail, designed by the award winning escape room designers of DarkPark. It contains countless unique objects, specially designed puzzles and a blood-curdling adventure as you are used to from us. You will log into secret websites, see unique content and discover mysterious clues in a race against time to save the world from “the virus”. You won’t get any closer to a real escape room than this, only you can play this experience in the safe environment of your own home.

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    Now play the worldwide hit CONSPIRACY-19 in a completely English version. We ship worldwide.

  • Conspiracy-19 -25% Off

    This is the original Dutch version of the worldwide hit CONSPIRACY-19. Please note, because the story takes place all over the world and we have made the game as realistic as possible, the majority of the game is still in English. Of course, the parts that take place in the Netherlands are in Dutch in this version.

  • Conspiracy-19

    All parts that perish during the game can be replaced with this set. You will also receive a clear online description of how to return the game to its original condition. That way you can pass the game on to friends so they can enjoy the experience too!

We were amazed by the beautiful design and the brilliant composition of the story.

Conspiracy-19 review
Daphne Gritters

Our expectations were sky-high and this has more than been fulfilled.

Conspiracy-19 review
Mitchell de Peinder

Especially in these times this game is THE SOLUTION against boredom.

Conspiracy-19 review
Stef Wondergem

One of the best home games yet. A story that you can fully dive into.

Conspiracy-19 review
NickySweet Today

The Story

In CONSPIRACY-19, you are introduced to a mysterious man who is hiding in a Russian bunker. He has discovered something horrific about the recent outbreak of the virus that is taking over the world and needs your help to connect the dots. He has put all the evidence that he has collected is in a box and sent it to you. He himself had to go into hiding before he could solve the mystery, but maybe you can figure out how the virus entered the world so hopefully an antidote can be found soon before it’s too late.


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Veel gestelde vragen:

When will I receive CONSPIRACY-19?

We ship our games each Tuesday and Thursday, so if you live in The Netherlands that means you probably receive your package on Wednesday or Friday. However if you don’t live in The Nederlands it might take a little longer. You’ll get a Track&Trace code when the package is shipped though, so your should be able to track your order.

How many people can we play CONSPIRACY-19 with?

We understand that not everyone dares to gather with friends during these times. That is why we designed CONSPIRACY-19 so that you can play it on your own, but also in pairs, threes or with a group of four.

What is the average playing time of CONSPIRACY-19?

As with a normal escape room, this differs enormously per group. The fastest we’ve heard so far is 1.5 hours, but the vast majority of people report that they have had about 2.5 to 3 hours of fun playing CONSPIRACY-19. Some people even spread it over several evenings. Of course it also depends on how you deal with it yourself. If you are a fanatic puzzler who likes to set a fast time, you will be ready sooner than someone who enjoys the game at ease and makes it a fun evening.

Do I need anything else to be able to play CONSPIRACY-19?

Almost everything you need is in the box. Just make sure you have a smartphone at hand that can scan QR codes (which is basically almost every smartphone nowadays). A laptop or desktop computer can be useful for visiting some online parts, but it is also doable with your smartphone. We have tried to make the experience as cool as possible for you, so we use different channels to tell the most complete story without leaving your home!

Can we play CONSPIRACY-19 more than once?

Just like a normal escape room, you can play CONSPIRACY-19 once because you will know all the puzzles afterwards. You can, however, pass the game on to friends. For a few euros you can buy a C-19 Refill Kit with all parts that perish during the game and a clear description of how to return the game to its original condition.

What if we get stuck?

Although we have done everything we could to make Conspiracy-19 look like a real escape room as much as possible, we were unable to put an actual game host in the box who can give you hints during the game. That is why we have developed an extensive hint system with which you can find a hint online that will help you further. This way you will never get stuck during the game.

What's in the box? (BEWARE, SPOILERS)

Of course we can’t tell too much, but we can imagine that you would like to know what to expect when you order CONSPIRACY-19.

Let’s say that you will definitely not be disappointed! We really gave everything to create the best possible experience for you and we are MEGA enthusiastic about it!

You will receive dozens of beautifully designed documents and puzzle parts including test tubes with blood, a jar with pills, bank cards, a special key ring, a mysterious amulet and so on.

It has become a complex story packed with unique puzzles. This game cannot be compared to the mass produced escape room games that you can buy in a toy store. Each game is put together by hand. In fact, we are so proud that we dare to say with certainty that CONSPIRACY-19 is the best alternative to a physical escape room.

Is CONSPIRACY-19 about the Coronavirus?

The only similarity that CONSPIRACY-19 has with the Corona virus is that the story is about a virus that is spread all over the world. Furthermore, it is a completely self-contained story that has nothing to do with the Corona virus or COVID-19. The title of the game is of course a clear nod to COVID-19, but that has more to do with the fact that we released the game during the Corona crisis to allow fans of our escape rooms to enjoy our experiences at home.

Is CONSPIRACY-19 suitable for children?

Because the story of CONSPIRACY-19 takes place all over the world, certain parts of the game are in English (also in the Dutch version). This means that it is difficult for children who are not yet able to read English to play the game. In addition, there are certain parts in the game that can be experienced as shocking for children. We therefore advise to keep a minimum age of 12 years to play CONSPIRACY-19.