The DarkPark Games affiliate program

Earn money by helping us!

Are you so excited after playing CONSPIRACY-19 that you want all your friends to share this feeling? Don’t call your friends just yet, because with our affiliate program you too can make a lot of money on it and the best part is: IT WORKS FULLY AUTOMATIC!

How does it work?

It is very simple. When you purchase something in our store you get the change to create an account. If you did not create an account during checkout, or you don’t want to purchase any of our products yourself, you can still create an account here:

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DarkPark affiliate

Anyone who creates an account automatically becomes affiliate partner and can therefore make money by helping us sell games. In your account, click on ‘AFFILIATE’.

On the right you will see two tabs, click on the ‘PROFILE’ tab to see your personal affiliate link. If you send this link to your friends you will receive 10% of the amount they spend when they buy something in our webshop. Completely by itself. Without having to do anything for it!

DarkPark affiliate
DarkPark affiliate

If you want to do it completely professionally, you can also create a link that will immediately send your friends to a specific page.

You do this by copying the piece behind the slash in the relevant URL into your account. Your unique affiliate link to go to this page will now appear automatically.

For example, if the link you want to send people to is:

Copy the piece behind the slash to your account, so that is:



If you click on the left tab ‘REPORTS’ you can see how many times your link has been clicked, how many people have spent through your link and how much you have earned.

Once in a while we transfer your commission to you.

Simple right?

DarkPark affiliate


If you don’t want people to know that you are using an affiliate link, you can also convert the URL via

You will get a shortened link starting with tinyurl. That would look like this, for example:

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, your friends pay exactly the same as if they would just visit our online store, only now you get a share of the turnover because you help us find new customers. So it’s a win-win situation!

Quite simply, to get a new customer we spend an average of 10% of our turnover on marketing. That money then disappears into the bank account of Google or Facebook.

We like it a lot more if our fans can benefit a bit from our success, so we prefer to give you the money that we would normally spend on marketing.

Yes, no problem! The more people use your link, the more new customers we get and the more you earn. So go ahead and pop that link on the internet!

Good question! When people use your personal affiliate link to visit our website, a cookie is automatically placed on their computer. That might sound a bit scary, but there are hardly any websites nowadays that do not somehow place a cookie. So nothing to worry about.

Such a cookie lasts for 14 days, so if the person who clicked on your link comes back within 14 days to order something, you still get your commission.

Do not ask us how it all works technically, but the system recognizes your personal ID as soon as people visit our site via your link. From that moment on, the system keeps track of whether something is bought and as soon as that happens, your share is automatically added to your account.

So it’s actually making money while you sleep!

No! The whole idea is that you EARN money.

It is very simple, you are enthusiastic about our games and so you tell all your friends about it. The only difference is that you send them a link now. The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t buy our game. Then you may have earned nothing, but it also did not cost you anything. If they buy something, you will receive 10% of it.

So there is nothing to lose!

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